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Health Watch - Skincare Survival Tips for the Cooler Months

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Health Watch - Skincare Survival Tips for the Cooler Months

Cool Months can be responsible for people becoming more depressed and depressed, just because we don’t seem to get out and about as much when it’s cold, but it is important we get out and brave the weather. It’s important for our well being. Otherwise we become a little less fit and a little more heavy and our morale a little more low. We need to keep our energies up simply for a good body and mind.


The low temperatures are harsher on our skins. You need to update your skincare regime and in salon treatments to keep the skin healthy and protected.

So let’s take a look at what we recommend you do;

1. Moisturise

Moisture, moisture, moisture.. Morning and night after you cleanse, tone, apply serum and then layer on the moisturiser. Although most of you are doing this already it is important you do not skip any of these steps in the cooler months.

Why is moisturiser so important? Because, it is necessary to help add moisture into your skin and keep water from evaporating from your skin.

2. Don’t Forget Your Hands

Between washing them all the time and being exposed to blasting of heat and the cold outside. The hands are the most affected areas during the winter, try wearing gloves on really cold days and wear a good hand cream, we suggest our Thalgo hand cream and for very dry hands our Gehwol cream with white gloves at night. Be sure to reapply skin care during the day.

3. It is important to use fragrant free skin care. Yes the fragrances may smell wonderful but can irritate the skin if sensitive.

4. Reduce the Heat – High heat leads to not only drier skin but drier lips, nose and throat. While indoors, in the car or during a shower, keep the heat down at a low setting you are comfortable with and a layer of clothing on for warmth. A humidifier is a great investment to help add moisture to your environment to replace loss of water in the air.

5. Wear protective clothing – Jackets, hats, gloves and scarves. These help shield your skin from the elements, for example, wind which can contribute to your skin drying out.

6. Don’t over exfoliate – You should only exfoliate once a week.

7. Moisturising Treatments – Important to do this at home, as well as in the clinic, using a mask a couple of times a week at home to keep the skin supple, soft and smooth. In salon we have more intense hydration and dry skin treatments. We advise a salon treatment once a month as maintenance.

8. Eat smarter and Don’t Hibernate – It is easy to start eating too many comfort foods and sit about on the couch. You need to have good N.E.S – Good nutrition, exercise and skincare to maintain good skin , body and mind.

9. Sunscreen – We still live in Australia with dangerous levels of UV so no matter what time of year, protecting your skin is a must!

10. Regular Spa Treatments – Winter can be a rough time for skins. Make sure you keep up your regular routine of facials and other services.

Book a good thorough consultation with one of our trained aestheticians to ensure the best programs for your skin to maintain great looking skin all winter.

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