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It's time to say Goodbye to your Pigmentation this Autumn!

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It's time to say Goodbye to your Pigmentation this Autumn!

What is skin pigmentation?

pigmentation, usually in the form of brown spots, can age your appearance and erode your confidence. Some of us are born with areas of pigmentation, but for most of us it is cause by

  1. Over exposure to the sun
  2. The natural ageing process
  3. Hormonal changes (in pregnancy, oral contraceptives, replacement therapy

With the help of the Alma IPL, the medical grade skin treatments, the trained staff at Le Beau can effectively treat most blemishes, leaving you with healthy clear skin.

Skin Pigmentation Treatments

The number of treatments you will need will depend on your skin type. After a consultation with out technicians we will be able to recommend either a series of peels or IPL.


Melasma is pigmentation developed from a hormonal change i.e. - pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, using contraceptives.

This form of pigmentation, usually fades after birth of the child or when you stop the contraceptives or HRT.

The Melasma needs to be treated from both the dermal and epidermal layers. In most cases the discolouration can be significantly improved and often eradicated with our IPL treatments.

Unfortunately Melasma cannot be cured so maintenance treatments are strongly recommended. The aid of Peels and good medical grade home products combined are used to assist in exfoliating the pigment.

Liver Spots

This is commonly known as age spots and found in people over 40 or anyone who has spent time in the sun.

They can be light brown to red or even black, and can appear anywhere on the body, face, hands, forearms.

Treatment with IPL is highly effective as it targets the pigment in the skin.

A course of treatments again is recommended to receive the best results.

Results include:

  • Even skin tone
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
  • Boost in collagen production


Appear also anywhere on the body exposed to the sun

So what can you expect after the treatment?

After the IPL treatment the pigmentation will darken then reduce in 1-3 days, depending on the severity of the pigmentation.

As a bonus you will notice a more even skin tone, smaller pores, fine lines and wrinkle appearance will reduce due to a boost in collagen production.

Freckles can also be treated with peels. We recommend a course of treatments for optimal results with after care & maintenance. Improvements will be visible after each treatment.

Is their down time with IPL?

It is minimal - we recommend Lycogel to help with coverage and healing.

After Care Treatment

The importance of home care regime cannot be understated. All our after care recommendations are tailored to the specific needs of each client. We recommend that all our clients avoid harsh sunlight & SPF30+ sunscreen must be worn daily.

We avoid treating our clients in the summer months to avoid any contraindications.

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