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Premature Ageing of the Skin

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Are your Lifestyle Habits causing Premature Ageing?

People often take advantage of things until they are gone or deteriorate.

Same goes for the largest organ of the Body - our Skin - Most people don't think about it until changes occur they don't like. We all think it won't happen to us, and or I will worry about it later and later could be too late or expensive!

Our Skin is constantly abused. It is exposed to the elements, it is constantly being tortured, hence why many people in Australia are experiencing Premature Ageing.

This article was inspired by one of our clients. She is a 65 year old woman with no pigmentation at all and no age spots. She has a peaches and cream complexion and has very little wrinkles and amazing fresh, vibrant, hydrated skin. This woman used no cosmeceuticals - She uses our Thalgo products and has not had any clinical treatments. But has had a facial every month for as long as she can remember, uses good skin care and most importantly never ever goes without sunscreen in Summer or Winter on her hands and face. She eats well, drinks lots of water and walks every day.

Every day I hear people tell me they want this skin of skin, but I am sorry people, you have to put in the work! Success never comes from complacency!

Premature Ageing is not normal - so what contributes to Premature Ageing?


A tan is often looked at as being more attractive "makes the fat look thinner" - But a tan is premature ageing. It is skin cells that have been damaged by UV radiation. They then produce more pigment (Melanin) and that's what produces the tan - so tanning will result in premature ageing, wrinkles, developing malignant melanoma and other skin cancers. Sunscreen is your Best Friend. So a good SPF for face, neck, dec and hands for Summer & Winter!

2.Pimples - Popping & Picking.

Picking Pimples actually make the pimple worse and lead to permanent scarring, leaving you with irreparable holes (no matter how many peels & laser you have they will never go completely, and expensive). These holes always makes the skin uneven and look thicker and older. When you squeeze it causes the pus and bacteria to filter and spread deeper into the skin resulting in more collagen damage, So no more picking. There are many other ways to deal with your pimples & acne removal. We have so many innovative products, equipment and treatments that give you clinically clearing results without the trauma to the skin.

3.Sleeping in Makeup

No Matter how tough it is getting to bed at night it is very important because your skin rejuvenates while you sleep. When you sleep in make-up eventually you will develop the 'Burnt out look' - pale, washed up, dark circles and bags under the eyes. So was your face before bed & 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

4.Don't Drink or Smoke

Cigarette Smoke is damaging to your skin whether you smoke it or exposed to it. It increases significantly skin wrinkles & dryness.

Alcohol is also a culprit to contributing to ageing skin by dilating small blood vessels in the skin and increasing blood flow near the skins surface.

Prevention is better than cure however if you are one of these people who are already experiencing signs of premature ageing we have technologies that deliver a professional photo face experience for luxurious, soft, smoothing, glowing skin. A great start is the LED light therapy. This is a safe and non intrusive treatment that works from the inside out to actually make your skin look younger.

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