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Treatment Focus - Don't Jump on the Bandwagon!

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Although at Le Beau we are always researching and aware of the latest techniques and technologies, that doesn't mean we jump on the bandwagon of the latest and greatest thing straight away . Any new fad needs to be thoroughly scrutinised for firstly safety as well as to ensure the results are going to be there as promised by the manufacturers.

So we may get all excited about what's new and hot and what they claim is the newest treatment the film stars are having on instagram, we need to focus on what is important and that is our clients trust and consistency.

We value our relationship with our clients and our reputation. We want our clients to be able to trust us when treating their concerns about their appearance.

This is why ongoing education of our entire team is essential and that we are delivering the highest level of service and care. The industry has changed and what our clients want and expect has changed enormously over the last 10 years and we understand that, to ensure we are at the forefront and leaders in this industry.

This means that our top 5 Priorities are:

1. Listening

2. Planning

3. Safety

4. Prevention

5. Treatments

Listening - Listening to exactly what you, the client wants, your concerns and ongoing conversations during the course of your treatments.

Planning - we never lose sight of what we are trying to achieve. We plan for every treatment, we keep thorough notes on every one of your visits.

Safety - This is at the top of the list! We only take on new treatments and technologies after sufficient scrutinizing. We never jump on the first bits of equipment as after time, like any piece of technology, there are improvements made and better models available.

We are always realistic with the results we can achieve without 'over-treating' in any session. Gradual improvements at a slow and steady pace are always the best. Quick and pushing for fast results more often than not leads to undesirable results. Staff are fully trained and certified in the equipment being used by them and each service is insured for client protection. A strict protocol policy and procedure is followed for every client including test patches and consultation to ensure a thorough assessment is made and it is safe for you to proceed with the treatment.

Unfortunately our industry is not well regulated so many cheap pieces of equipment are being used, and operators are not trained or insured because it is so expensive!

Scary, YES! as a consumer you have the right to ask the questions!


Like anything in life it's the little things you do every day to help get the best results.

  • 1.Hydration - drinking more water than wine!
  • 2.Sun protection (sunscreen and limit sun exposure!)
  • 3.Healthy diet
  • 4.Exercise regularly
  • 5.Sleep


Just because your friend had a treatment and it was great for her, doesn't mean it's perfect for your skin! One size DOES NOT fit all.

Effective communication between your therapist will help to plan your individual needs and to ensure the combination of treatments delivered will be the most suitable for you.

Important Points

All the equipment and products used at Le Beau are TGA Approved meaning they have been trialled and tested to ensure they meet Australian standards. Unfortunately with the internet, this has enabled equipment that has not been approved, to enter the marked! Scary huh?!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us,

Le Beau Clinic & Spa


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