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What's the difference in Cosmeceuticals, Cosmetics Or Cosmetics?

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Cosmeceuticals are Cosmetics with Pharmaceutical technology.

Cosmeceuticals contain Active ingredients that are beneficial to our Skin in some way.

For Example: Vitamin C is an Antioxidant.

The Product range is Cosmeceutical if it has the ability to affect the structure or function of the body.

Clinical Trials are always a requirement to prove a Cosmeceuticals claims and that the product is effective and safe.

So are they for you?

When choosing a Skin Care solution it's important to understand what your ultimate goal is.

In the past Skincare was always about hydration and nourishment. Now thanks to technological advancements its about skin function and cellular optimisation.

Because of the changes as a consumer it is imperative you understand the different Categories.

*Cosmetics *Cosmeceuticals *Cosmedics


This is what most of us are used to using. They vary in quality, price and how they feel. These products always feel great, smell great, look great and endorsed by celebrities.

Cosmetics are sold over the counter in Department stores or Pharmacy. They contain minimal active ingredients and are safe to use for most skin types. They are always lovely to use but do have minimal benefit.

When the products are designed the base formula comes out of one factory, for all the brands and they add their signature smells and fillers. These products are mostly designed for experience rather than outcome and results.


This is the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They are cosmetics products with Biologically Active Ingredients claiming to have Medical or Drug like benefits. They have benefits beyond the traditional Moisturiser.

They actually make a difference to your skin beyond the way it feels.

These products can look and feel like a Cosmetic but it is not padded out with nasties and use enough active ingredients to make a visible difference to the skin.

Cosmeceutical treatments are indulgent and relaxing as are our Thalgo and Guinot Facials but do not compromise on results. These treatments can only be performed by Skin Experts.


This is where skin care is going and for those who want the best this is it.

It is where medical science plays a big part in how product enters the skin "The Delivery System"

Through research, Scientists have discovered, developed and engineered Active Ingredients, Peptides and Antioxidants that have the ability to retain and regain normal skin function and cell optimisation.

The discovery of Biomimetic Bases (bio means life, mimetic means imitate) and peptides and encapsulation of active ingredients ensures optimum delivery of these ingredients at a cellular level.

Cosmedics are not Skincare, but rather Skin Medicine - I like to compare

  • Cosmetics and Vitamins
  • Cosmedics are the Prescription Drug

Cosmedics require a Skin Expert to tailor a personal skin health prescription for every skin, ensuring the skin has a chance to acclimatise to the Actives and avoid Sensitisation.

Cosmedics may cause visible responses in the Skin which is all part and parcel of an Active Medical Grade Action.

Cosmeceuticals and Cosmedics have been developed to combat the 5 Major causes of ageing. Without an Active approach, the skin will Ultimately lead to the deterioration of Skin Health, ultimately resulti9ng in compromised skin function, cellular activity and visible ageing.

Cosmedics are not for everyone but for those who are serious about long term skin health.

Many people would assume Cosmedics would be a lot more expensive - however the good news is they are not!

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