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Benefits Of Body Wraps For Health And Or Beauty

Body wraps or full body massageare like a facial for the body. Thanks to the amazing technology of the cosmetic world, there are many different types of wraps to target almost anything. From thoroughly basic cleansing and deep exfoliation to remove dead skin, moisturise and hydrate; to more high tech treatments for detoxing to remove wastes, water retention, firmness, reduction in cellulite, tired heavy legs etc. But no matter which wrap you choose, when experienced in a highly professional, true Day Spa with highly qualified therapists administering the treatment, you are guaranteed to feel a great sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Hydro Tone Thermal Capsule

An eight in one unit allowing your spa favourites to be enjoyed in one locations; don't move a muscle. Hydro, colour, ancient shirodhara, scotch hose hydro massage, Vichy shower and steam aromatherapy.  Treatment possibilities are endless, choose from our select packages or, allow your spa therapist to customize a treatment experience for you.

When choosing the treatment for you, ask yourself:

Step 1: What do "I" want from this treatment?
Step 2: When you ring the Spa your consultant will be able to help you choose the treatment for you.

In most cases, to get the desired results a course of treatments will be required, 1 - 2 a week over 12 sessions. What a way to spend each week! Of course, this type of treatment course has maximum benefits when used in conjunctions with a diet and excersise regime. How does a wrap typically work? This depends upon the Spa. How the treatment is experienced will vary but most follow a similar procedure with the exception being the type of equipment used, massaged that is administered during the treatment, and in some cases the mask is only applied to certain areas. (If you are doing a course for inch loss you will first be measured.) In saying this, all wraps should include a body exfoliation to remove the dead skin for more effective penetration of the mask to come. The exfoliant is then showered off and in more advanced Spa's a vichy shower is uded to remove the exfoliant. The desired body mask is applied depending  on the treatment or Spa's equipment. Your body will then be wrapped in a thermal blanket or encased in steam. Whilst you lay and relax, so do your muscles, your pores open and this encourages the sweat to flush out toxins. This process has a duration of about 20 min, the product is then removed. Your treatment will then be completed with a light rub applying moisturiser or a body massage if you wish. In some body wraps no heat is introduced as these wraps are self heating - amazing, yes! You can feel them bubbling, truly an amazing sensation.

How does a wrap help to improve the look and health of the skin?

When talking about how a body wrap improves the health of the skin, we refer to improving the level of hydration, the texture (smoothness) of the skin, the appearence of the skin. This is due to helping the body to get rid of excess body fluids and toxins, leaving your skin smoother, glowing, firming and hydrated, other than skin tightening and softening. Wraps also, more importantly, have health benefits - including detoxification, boosting the lymphatic system and metabolism and inch loss and overall wellbeing. Le Beau Day Spa has a body wrap to suit almost any situation from wraps just to relax and make your skin feel great to high tech wraps to detoxify, reduce cellulite and inch loss. At Le Beau we like to recommend the Thalgo Micronised Marine Algea wrap for detoxification - this wrap actually keeps working for 24 hours after the treatment, flusing the toxins from your body and skin. Upon leaving you can feel the soft, cleansed and nourished skin that you usually never get to experience! This wrap involves a gentle exfoliation followed by a warm algea mask rich in vitamins and minerals. This treatment also helps boost the metabolism and speed up the elimination of toxins and leaves you feeling energised.

Thalgo Marine Mud And Exfoliation

Dead sea mud and salts are generously applied followed by a deep exfoliation massage once the salts have melted into your skin while relaxing in our steam hydrotone for 20 min. the product is then removed and the intense and hydrating treatment is finished with oils chosen for your skin type. This treatment is the perfect way to relax and enrich your skin - it is a true favourite amongst our clients. At Le Beau these two wraps ans many others are experienced in our hydrotone machine. This Australian designed piece of equipment has won many awards in the States for design and its minimal impact on the environment ( it has less water usage and is more energy efficient than similar machines) This piece of equipment is found on the QE2 cruise liner and is the Rolls Royce way to experience a body treatment. Your experience will include: vichy shower, steam and colour therapy. The steam is important as it eliminates the use of heat blankets which only dehydrates the body. Steam is also more effective in opeing up the pores for maximum penetration.

Ocean Marine Firming By Thalgo

This treatment uses marine salt flakes and seaweed petals melt into a creamy texture to polish the body. Following a Thalgo sculpting massage which is truly an awakening experience for the senses with movements that blend into a series of waves over the body concluding with deep element stretches. The body then relaxes under a delicious crackling and self heating mask. After showering the skin is glowing and infinatley soft so that you emerge with a renewed spring in your step.

Slim and Sculpt

The latest in body treatments only released this summer is the Slim and Sculpt - this is not for those looking for a relaxing treatment - this is a body treatment that means business. Thalgo has developed a unique method to 'reinforce' your cells, offering you a customised body modelling, zone by zone. So if you are dreaming of having a slim, slender and sculpted body this is the treatment for you, available at Le Beau Day Spa! With the use of red algea extracts that works in synergy with green coffee and yerbamate to:

  1. Increase tenfold the power of caffine they contain and stimulate elimination of fats in the adipocytes.
  2. Reduce the number of adipoycytes.
  3. Supress the formation of new fat cells.

"Celluar concentration" This is a cosmetic first, it works by an extract that 'boosts' the skins cells, strengthens the flexability and tones the fibroblasts. For an overall firming actions, a deep restructuring algae extract is combined with a plant extract that firms the cell surface, resulting in an immediate 'lifting' effect. You will visibly notice the difference from the 1st session!

1. The expert treating products targete application to warm up the area to be worked on before the massage and to optimise the penetration of the active ingrediants. Zone 1: bust and decollete. Zone 2: Flat stomach. Zone 3: Cellular thighs.

The Fitness In Salon Treatment

You will activley gain slimming and firming results. Your therapist will be a real fitness coach! Positioned to aid muscular contraction, you will be massaged directly on the contracted zone. Results are remarkable! The wraps available in this range are:

  • Slimming wrap - an effervecsent, self healing and lipo reducing mask.
  • Firming Wrap with a corset mask with active, refreshing effect at the end of the treatment. you can choose the cream that best suits you.
  • Double innovation slimming and firming cream.
  • Firming expertise: Thalgo Sculpt Expert Cream.
  • These treatments are controlled by your individual concerns and needs.

Are wraps suitable for everyone?

When having a body wrap a professional spa will investigate any health / medical conditions prior to commencing any treatment to ensure there will be no contraindications with your treatment. Anyone with high blood pressure, who is pregnant, thyroid, pacemakers or is receiving medical treatment must bring this forward. Many people are surprised to find that this information is important. But your Spa is responsible for your wellbeing and safety and it is important when visiting any spa for any treatment you must provide this information.