Guinot’s Hydradermie Double Ionisation Treatment (Vegan Product Range) - 80 mins

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Guinot has launched its latest treatment - the Hydradermie Double Ionisation treatment earlier this month which is meant to be twice as effective as the normal ionisation treatment with both positive and negative ions penetrating into the skin (normal ionisation only have negative ions) and boast the following stats.

New electrode design treats 38% more surface area of the fact at a time.

  • 52.3% increased in hydration afterwards with use of the hydrating gel serum. 
  • 88.9% reduction sebum with the use of the purity gel serum 
  • 53.4% reduction in wrinkles in the use of the Age Logic gel serum

The end result that you can immediately see is smooth features and radiant skin that will make you glow from within