Hydro Tone - Body Treatment & Massage - 70 mins

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includes Vichy Shower, Steam Therapy & Colour Therapy Plus 30 min Massage 40 min Body Treatment

Hydro Tone Thermal Capsule

An eight in one unit allowing your spa favourites to be enjoyed in one location; don’t move a muscle. Hydro, colour, ancient shirodhara, scotch hose hydro massage, Vichy shower and steam aromatherapy. Treatment possibilities are endless, choose from our select packages, or, allow your spa therapist to customise a treatment experience for you.

Vichy Shower

Purify, restore health through water! Confirmed spa devotees worship the vichy shower. If you are yet to experience vichy, don’t delay. Scientifically synchronised warm and cool water droplets cascade across your body delivering a health-giving sensation not to be missed.


(colourbath) Subliminal relaxation, powered by the rainbow’s light spectrum creates dramatic physiological harmony. The subtle glow of specially selected atmospheric colours, enhance the mood of peace and tranquility.