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Introducing our amazing passionate instructor ❤️

Luisi comes to us from the Canary Islands, Spain, having a lifelong love of exercising. 


Her passion of Pilates began after searching for a solution to her own personal dilemma, a weak and debilitating lower back compression and mild scoliosis. 

Through Pilates she was able to strengthen her core and stretch those compressed muscles finding the perfect balance her body needs to avoid possible surgery suggested by her GP.

After helping herself to heal, Luisi was motivated to help others. 

She teaches focussed on the importance of finding the balance between strength and stretch with whole body strength followed by stretch to decompress muscles, so you will leave her classes feeling lighter, longer and with more range of spine mobility.


She studied Matwork at PFI (Pilates Fitness Institute), diverse myofascial release courses with Art of Motion Academy as well as a range of Stretching modules and currently coursing the Reformer component with Polestar Pilates.


Class Times: Mon 6pm, Tue 9:15 am, Wed 6pm, Thu 9:15am, Fri 9am. Maximum class size is 5.