Thalgo M-Ceutic Peel with Mask - 50 min

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Building on innovative scientific research, the THALGO Laboratory pre-empts a new era of expertise with M-CEUTICL the first Cosmeceutical skincare range with patented Mésolift Marine. A real technological feat for anti-ageing, this 100% marine bio-regenerative solution mimics a Mesotherapy (skin needling) injection, delivering its post-revitalising essential nutrients to the heart of the skin to help reactive the fundamental metabolism of skin cells. A clinically-tested, very high-performance range from THALGO.

The first corrective medi-skincare solution, which targets the problems that cause imperfections and irregularities to restore smooth and radiant skin.

The Thalgo laboratory has identified a new source of progressive deterioration of the skin’s texture (dull complexion, course texture, grainy appearance, irregularities, imperfections, residual marks, etc): excessive activity from the cells in charge of good skin integrity.

To minimise the process, THALGO has created Néo-Skin: a patented scientific revolution to help rebuild ideal skin quality.

To prove its high performance, the M-Ceutic range underwent 28 clinical trials over 320 volunteers. The effectiveness of the professional treatments was demonstrated under dermalogical supervision.

The retail range is a beauty prescription for home use to optimise and prolong the benefits of the professional treatments.