Brazilian Butt Lift



1. Brazilian butt lift is an exceptional way to make your body stand out from the crowd. Radio Frequency lifts and tightens for a higher, firming, and sculpted result whilst also targeting fat by reducing and minimising it under the specific area to create a more peach shape effect. This treatment costs $249

2. Lift, tone, and contouring Facial Treatment. Results visible from 1st Treatment.

3. Free 15 Min Skin Consultations

4. Back and Butt Facials

Who said facials are strictly for the face. Back and Butt facials are on the rise to address skin concerns such as acne and to detoxify. Clinic Treatments for the body show.

Butt Facials

This treatment is perfect for Men and women who suffer with unwanted and irritating back acne. From deep cleansing, peel treatments, microdermabrasion, bacteria killing, detoxifying Mask and LED! There are many ways to heal and treat this area.

Butt facials are a perfect combination to have before a Brazilian butt lift! Similar to back treatments, butt facials can assist with .... unwanted acne. Perfect summer treatment especially now with the latest in bikini bottom fashion!