FAQ's - Skin Care & Treatments

Why should I use anti ageing Products??

Anti-Ageing products The anti-ageing category covers a broad range of conditions such as pigmentation, lines, loss of firmness and dull skin so it is most important to find out what you have noticed about your skin and what are your expectations from their treatment products. Once the priorities have been established your therapist can tailor the most appropriate solution with consideration to the age and skin type of the client.

A quote from a Lisa our spa manager on why “AA products are useful to use even for younger age groups (eg 25 years +) Collagen is the most abundant component of the human body. It is naturally present in the connective tissue and makes the dermis resistant, supple and elastic. Its impairment is one of the factors responsible for skin ageing. From the age of 25 reduction in collagen synthesis occurs at the rate of about 1% per year. Eg Useful to start using AA products when you notice the first signs of ageing (eg fine lines). AA products can also be used across different age groups”

What is Hypo-Alergenic

A quote from a Jo one of our spa therapist and co-odinator on What is the difference between hypo-alergenic and sensitive?.What does it mean, and what products are available in Thalgo?. “I know Thalgo have their sensitive range

AA sensitive skin care Sensitive skin is not a skin type, it is an occasional or permanent condition characterised by visible and often intense reactions such as inflammation. The causes, state and degree of sensitivity vary according to each individual. Any skin type may be sensitive and each shows its sensitivity in a different way. Even though advanced research is being carried out on sensitive skin, the causes of sensitivity remain many and varied. Nowadays, allergic reactions are increasing and we can see an increase in intolerance to cosmetic and daily hygiene products.

It appears that these reactions are a result of over exposure to numerous harmful elements. Pollution, sun, UV rays, wind, cold, strong or unsuitable products are also capable of weakening even the most resistant skins. The more sensitive the skin is, the lower its tolerance threshold and allergic reactions may occur to even the slightest harmful element. Hypoallergenic and sensitive skin products such as Thalgo’s Bio Sensitive line are formulated to decrease the tendency to provoke an allergic reaction and to increase the skins tolerance.”

Latest skin health Trends

(Collagen Booster Vial) as this is a such a new trend Incorporating a drinkable collagen shot with an anti-ageing treatment a trend emerging from Asia into Europe and Australia.

How can Le Beau help Me and My skin?

Le Beau using Thalgo provide assistance to the client in helping to create any signature treatments or re-invent their menu

How can you help me with my Acne and problem skin??

Le Beau Day Spa team leader Stef said with acne it was important to establish why it was occurring. “Different types of acne needed to be treated in different ways,” she said. She said peel treatments were a fantastic treatment for cystic acne and microdermabrasion great for congestion and the all new guinot hydra clean Ms Skewes said Le Beau stocked a range called Aspect which produced a serum called Exfol L 15, which used alpha hydroxy acids to accelerating the skins natural cell renewal cycle. “This is for superior skin resurfacing without the trauma,” she said. “We would recommend anyone with acne to use this product for two weeks before beginning any in-salon treatments to improve results and reduce the number of in-salon treatments required.”

What can I do about my DARK CIRCLES?

Louise one of Le Beau’s Head therapist had this to say.” With a new baby this is something I know all to well . Most people think Getting plenty of sleep, but then still cannot get rid of those dark circles? Acupuncture is thousands of years old but still fits perfectly into modern lifestyles. West people commonly associate dark circles with tiredness, while in Chinese medicine dark circles are usually seen as a result of poor circulation in the area and usually an imbalance in the Qi, or energy, of the kidneys. “When we treat dark circles the aim is to promote blood circulation and drainage to the area while strengthening the kidney yin energy and clearing out blood stagnation through the use of body points. Lyphatic drainage and a good detox is what is in order With the aid of the infra red detox box( infra red sauna) this is not like your traditional sauna it is a dry heat that works internally not just external as does the traditional sauna. In salon we also sell , from the New thalgo nutritional range supplements to help with detoxing and drainage.”

I hate my CELLULITE!!!

Nerea said Le Beau used one of the latest pieces of equipment in the treatment of cellulite, skin firming and toning the Accent radio frequency. The results are amazing to see if this treatment is for you call up and organise your free consultation. A cheaper alternative although good but slower in results is the Guinot techni spa This combines a vacuum and compression treatment whereby the skin is gently pulled and pushed,” she said. “As a result of this manipulation the tissue forces toxins out. This improves the texture of the skin and benefits elasticity. At the same time the blood circulation is stimulated which promotes the transport of fatty acids from low blood pressure regions.” Nerea also recommended body wraps from Thalgo to target cellulite, with the latest being the Chrono Draining Marine treatment. “This treatment is performed in the award-winning, state-of-the-art Hydrotone Steam Capsule. Thalgo uses algae, which is universally used for detoxifying. What sets them apart is the latest algae they have discovered.”


According to Donna, many of today’s treatments for prematurely ageing skin incorporated professional-strength skin exfoliation, using ingredients such as hydroxy acids, Vitamin A or retinol and peptides and had great hydrating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening properties. “Many treatments focused on premature ageing use electrical machinery such as ultra sound, micro current, galvanic and IPL/light therapy,” she said. “The therapist will explain to you which piece they have chosen for you and why. The majority work on the principle of stimulating collagen, improving the muscle base of the skin and improving the texture.” Donna said skin therapists also now had an array of facial massage techniques at their disposal, incorporating movements to help energise the skin, stimulate blood circulation and improve the facial muscles. “They can work on relieving the fine lines often brought on by our stressful lives,” she said.

How can I stop feel so blotted?



Feeling a little Buddha-like in the belly department after a winter of a little too much comfort food? Slim biotic by thalgo may help. Farnoosh one of Le Beaus long term and head therapists said bloating was usually caused by gas trapped in the colon caused by a lack of enzymes, incorrect food choices and incomplete digestion, and said we need to helped to flush out the waste matter to reduce bloating. “You will feel refreshed and energised after as the toxic gases and old faecal matter have been flushed out and the body hydrated with the introduction of water into the colon,” she said. The Slim biotic helps you feel lighter all day long thanks to the combination of two active probiotic bacterial strains, prebiotic fibres and Lithothamne seaweed. They act in synergy, maintaining intestinal flora balance and contributing to digestive comfort and the flat stomach effect.

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