LED Skin Therapy/Light Stim

Le Beau LightStim LED Skin Therapy

LightStim For Wrinkles

LED light is fast becoming the anti age skin therapy a must to be added to any facial to treat wrinkles. LightStim System used at Le Beau offers a hand held for home in between clinic treatments. 

The main benefits of this treatment are

  • Speeds the healing of the body by 300% (perfect for invasive treatments).
  • Build collagen in quantifiable percentages.
  • Erases damage to the surface of the skin.
  • Gets rid if the fine lines.
  • Corrects sun damage.

LED light is great for people having acne and skin blemishing or skin balancing treatments to help clear breakouts at a faster rate.

The beauty of this treatment is unlike many treatments like fraxil laser and chemical peels there is no down time. LED is perfect for people who have had face lifts or any other skin surgery procedure because it helps speed up the healing.