Ionisation/Guinot Hydradermie

Le Beau Guinot Hydradermie Facial

Recognised internationally as one of the most technologically advanced skin care treatments, the Guinot Hydradermie is deeply penetrating and aims to correct skin problems from the inside out.

This advanced non invasive procedure penetrates active ingredients to bring you amazing results. With a specific gel serum for every beauty goal, we’ve got you covered. Experience renewed radiance, smoothed features & your skin concerns addressed directly

  • visible results from the first treatment
  • an amazing increase in results from the original Hydradermie
  • a more customised treatment due to new Ionisation Gels
  • treats 38% more of the face
  • 52.3% increase of Hydration with the use of the hydrating gel serum
  • 88.9% decrease in sebum with the use of the purity gel serum
  • 53.4% decrease in wrinkles with the use of the Age Logic Gel Serum

The treatment starts with mild electrotherapy and gentle massage movements of the rollers to help the plant based active ingredients penetrate into the skin, deep cleansing it and revealing its inner beauty.  Next, high frequency action is used to oxygenate and energise the cells, as well as create an antibacterial effect.  A customised mask and relaxing massage completes the treatment, leaving your complexion balanced, healthy and glowing.

With immediate results and long lasting effects the Hydradermie Double Ionisation facial can be offered in different versions tailored to the needs of your skin type and your beauty aims.