Facial & Eye Treatments

Le Beau Facial & Eye Treatments

Non-invasive, natural solutions for lifting years from your face

Treat yourself to relaxation and luxury while you turn back the clock on your skin with select facials and eye treatments from Le Beau. We offer a comprehensive range of facials and day spa packages to meet your unique needs.

Le Beau Signature Facials

All of our Le Beau facials include:

  • A deep cleanse, exfoliation, and a custom serum chosen to meet your skin care needs
  • Facial mask selected just for you from Thalgo’s line of high performance formulations
  • An exceptionally relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage
  • Quiet time and refreshments in our relaxation lounge

Additional services that can be added to facials include bust treatments and back massages. A quick note on facials for men: Gents, please shave three hours prior to receiving facial service.

logo-thalgo-7468c.jpgThalgo Signature Facials & Retreats

Enjoy full use of our retreat facilities and amenities with your facial service.

Face & Eyes

Allow 50/80 minutes

Combining plant and protein extracts and creams with a lemon verbena warm infusing mask, this gentle but intensive treatment delivers vital nourishment and moisture to your skin while it relaxes stress and age-related lines. This treatment is suitable for even the most fragile skin.

IPL Signature Facial

Ensure maximum results for your investment in Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments with this professionally created facial designed to help you maintain supple, relaxed skin. Your Le Beau therapist will suggest the best strategies for including IPL facials, depending on your individual skin type and condition.

Rebalancing Micronised Marine Algae

A gentle and highly effective facial with marine ingredients for problematic skin.

Teen Solutions

Allow 50/80 minutes

A deep cleansing facial treatment formulated just for teens, this solution for sensitive and oily or acne-prone skin uses active marine elements to eliminate impurities and rebalance even the most problematic skin.


Allow 50/80 minutes

This solution from Thalgo is a mini-procedure that blends elements of medical and spa treatments. Thalgo Skin Expert Microdermabrasion firms, tightens, and revitalizes your facial skin tone without invasive surgery or downtime.

guinot-logo.jpgGuinot’s Hydradermie Double Ionisation Treatment

From our vegan product range, this treatment delivers immediate results, including smooth features and radiant skin with a deep inner glow.

Guinot’s double ionisation delivers twice the results:

  • 52.3% increase in hydration
  • 88.9% reduction in sebum (oily secretions)
  • 53.4% reduction in wrinkles

High Frequency

This directed frequency treatment can be added to any facial for a very strong antibacterial effect. High frequency treatments regulate oily skin, heal breakouts, and improve skin conditions.


Skin Lightening: Brightening and Anti Ageing

Over time, age and sun exposure can cause your skin to develop brown markings and uneven color. This powerfully effective facial and hand treatment combines natural and active ingredients to treat the issues of pigmentation and dull skin. Your Le Beau therapist will customize your program to suit your skin color, texture, and condition—and you’ll realize noticeable fading and improvements with each treatment.

25+ Years Collagen Treatment

Ideal for women seeking to smooth fine lines and expression line, this facial provides intense hydration and leaves your skin looking and feeling lighter, plumper, and smoother. For best results, our experts recommend 2 treatments for 4 weeks.

35+ Years Marine Hyaluronic Filler Treatment

For anyone looking to fill deep wrinkles and stimulate youthfulness, this powerful treatment leaves your face smoother and plumper, with less pronounced wrinkles. For best results, our experts recommend 2 treatments for 4 weeks.

40+ Years Marine Silicium Super Lift Treatment

The ultimate treatment, ideal for women seeking to fill deep wrinkles and lift the contours of the face and neck. This treatment leaves the entire face smoother with less pronounced wrinkles, including frown lines and crow’s feet, while it lifts and re-contours the face and neck. For best results, our experts recommend 2 treatments for 4 weeks.

Thalgo Eye Bar Treatment

It’s said that the eyes are windows to the soul, and this exclusive treatment restores your eyes to a firm and youthful appearance with amazing effectiveness. The Thalgo eye massage mask de-puffs and rejuvenates the eye contour area, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles—after just one treatment!

Collagen Velvet Eye Mask

Featuring marine collagen, these uniquely formulated eye patches use advanced pressure point massage techniques to restore and rejuvenate the delicate eye area. Choose this treatment a la carte, or add it to any of our facials.

All Le Beau facials include a deep cleanse, exfoliation and specially chosen serum as well as heavenly face, neck and shoulder massage. Your mask is chosen from a selection of Thalgo’s high performance formulations which delivers highly active precious nutrients. A bust treatment and/or back, neck and shoulder massage can be introduced to complement any facial.

Unhurried luxury where science meets nature. Gents, please shave three hours prior to facial service. All facials include quiet time and refreshments in our relaxation launch.

Amplify your natural beauty. To obtain the best results we recommend a course of six facilas one per week to boost the skin to it's peak perfection.

All 80 minute facials include back, neck and shoulder massage.