Water therapies

le-beau-water-therapy.jpgThe Source of Vitality...

Water symbolizes life... The ritual of bathing dates back centuries. Completely submerged in a deep tranquil bath surrounded with candle light. Your body lightly buoyant and embraced by warmth. A gentle rhythm that soothes the senses & relaxes the body.

Hydrotherapy Baths

Heighten the body’s natural detoxification process, equalise circulation, increase metabolic rate and sedate the nervous system. A form of ‘health cure’ celebrated and embraced for centuries.

Water Lounge

Surrounded by the tranquility of cascading waterfalls, subtle aromatherapy and the sophistication of colour light therapy, accommodates up to eight people. Included in retreat & amenity fee.

Swiss Showers

Add a sophisticated dimension to your body treatment. Water of varying temperatures strategically invigorates, heightening the benefits of all our exclusive body therapies. Available in our couple’s retreat room and bathroom.

Vichy Showers

Purify, restore health through water! Confirmed spa devotees worship the vichy shower. If you are yet to experience vichy, don’t delay. Scientifically synchronized warm and cool water droplets cascade across your body delivering a health-giving sensation not to be missed. This treatment is included in all Spa Body Treatments.

Father of Water Based Medical Cures Hippocrates embraced the power of water... Please remember your bathing costume

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