Polynesia Spa Ritual


Thalgo have developed and designed this treat for you to just relax ! Join us on a journey from island to island in French Polynesia with a new approach to relaxation. In collaboration with a specialist in Polynesian rituals, Thalgo has drawn its inspiration from the wisdom and ancestral knowledge of the people from the exotic islands of Bora Bora, Tahaa, Manihi and Raiatea.

Stop over in Taha’a

• The Vanilla Island - This wild and authentic island contains “black gold” the vanilla pod known for its intoxicating scents and relaxing properties.

• Exotic Island Body Scrub - Coconut shells, Bora Bora White Sand, Marine Salt and Tahitian Vanilla combine to soften and smooth your skin. Relax in this nourishing and melting scrub with rich and musky harmonies. At home, apply once or twice a week to dry or damp skin.

Stop over in Bora Bora

• The White Sand Island  - Polynesian massage is passed on from one generation to the next. Parents practise it on young Maohis to awaken their senses and make them become aware of their body. The massage also re-established the circulation of energy.