Tranquility Spa Package - 100 mins

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[INCLUDES  *50minute Full Body Swedish Massage & 50min Thalgo Heart of the Ocean facial

Swedish Massage

Rhythmic, flowing movements release tension, dissolving the cares of life. Surrender to the power of touch, strengthen vital energy. A perfect antidote for stress.

Thalgo Heart Of The Ocean Facial Treatment

UNIVERSAL TREATMENT: all skin types - all ages - all year round

The essential power of the oceans for perfectly beautiful skin.

The 1st customised salon facial capable of measuring the Ideal Beauty Index of all skin types. In orders to lastingly address imbalances, dehydation, dryness, sensitivity, imperfections, to help restore ideal quality to the skin.

A treatment which can be personalised according to skin type :

  • Hydra Marine Ritual
  • Extreme Comfort Ritual 
  • Cocooning Marine Ritual
  • Pure Freshness Ritual