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Henna Eyebrows Eyebrow And Cosmetic Tattooing


Henna Eyebrows

Henna Eyebrows are a Natural alternative to tinting your brows or for those who are thinking about Eyebrow Feathering.

The Benefit of Henna is 

  • Henna formula is natural and does not require developer. It processes with the proteins of your hair where as tinting with vegetable dyes require hydrogen peroxide to develop the colour.
  • Lasts 4-6 weeks whereas tinting only lasts 2-4 weeks.
  • $85 including full eyebrow modelling & Henna




Eyebrow Tattooing


Cherie Gavranic Biography - Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist for the last 15 years. I have always loved this industry but my passions started off with makeup and eyebrows. Slowly as time went on I started to become interested in Cosmetic Tattooing. I love the idea of makeup "without makeup" and also being able to help those with Medical Issues. I have now been doing Cosmetic Tattooing for 5 years. I started off doing Eyebrow Feathering and got a taste for it, and wanted to know it all! Feathering, Ombre Brows, Ombre Lips and Smokey Eyeliner. There is always a lot of questions when it comes to the difference between Ombre Brows and Feather Touch Brows. I will highlight a few points: 

Ombre Eyebrows

  • Healed Results give a Soft Powder finish from Light to Dark
  • Result can last between 2-4 years
  • Great for All Skin Types particularly Oily Skins and Dense Eyebrow Hair
  • Can be combines with Hairstrokes to create a 3D Version

Feather Touch Eyebrows

  • Simulated Hair Strokes that blend to mimic a realistic Brow look
  • Results last on average 12-24 months - recommended to Re-Touch every 12 months
  • Results can be achieved on Oily Skin but more regular Touch-Up's are required
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