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Miss World Australia Partnership

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Le Beau Clinic & Spa has been invited to partner with Miss World for 2017. 

We are super excited and honoured to have been invited to be involved with such a prestigious global event.

The Miss World event for Western Australia will be held on 28th May. The winners will be then preparing to look their best to compete against the rest of Australia to then go up against the world.

Le Beau will play an integral part in preparing the girls to look their best.

We will be taking you with us through their journey over the 6 weeks leading up to the main Australian Event.

We will be live streaming the event on Facebook and Instagram and introduce to you the Miss World Finalists in WA.

We will share with you all the best treatments and nutrition to ensure the ladies are looking their best.

We will have videos and pictures of the girls having their treatments and chilling out in the spa and infrared sauna.

So be sure to be on our Facebook page and Instagram to congratulate and support our WA girls and to catch up with the latest news.

The ladies will also be joining us this Mothers day weekend on Saturday 13th May in the Spa to chat to all the clients coming in for their treatments and those that are purchasing Gift Vouchers for Mum!

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