Mum & Bub Massage - 60 mins

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Mum & Bub Massage 1ST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH - 60 mins 

60 minute massage, (choose from a Stone Massage, Remedial Massage or Swedish Massage) and bub will also receive a 10 minute relaxing and calming massage. The therapists will show you how to do this at home to help relax and for you to experience the ultimate in bonding between a parent and their baby “the gift of touch”.

First Monday of every month is dedicated to Mums with Bubs

Exclusive to Le Beau Day Spa, the first Monday of every month is dedicated to Mums and Bubs between 9am and 12pm.

This is a time where babies can cry without worrying. This time allows mums to keep looking great and do the things they loved before having a baby. We want you to still feel like a woman, even though you are now also a Mum! The more relaxed you are as a mum the more relaxed is your baby! Being a mum is demanding, so give yourself time!

What Can I Have Done?
Whatever you like. You might just use this time to get your usual monthly waxing or facial or pedicure. You might like to have some body treatments to help get your body back.